328 Tif Bermuda

Best known for providing the high-traffic durability, resiliency, and smoothness needed for golf course greens, 328 TIF Bermuda is popular for both commercial usage and private residences.

Color:  Dark Green

Texture:  Very dense, ground hugging turf with a fine texture

Sun/Shade Tolerance:  328 TIF Bermuda can withstand heavy traffic.  It prefers full sun and is drought resistant.

Watering:   328 TIF Bermuda tolerates drought but needs water regularly (at least weekly) to remain green.

Mowing Height:   ½” – 2”  Bermuda requires initial mowing (after the danger of hard freezes has passed) to be lower than normal.  Once the lawn has greened, mowing can be done to ½” – 2” weekly mowing height.

328 Tif Bermuda (Tifgreen) is a very dense, dark green hybrid Bermuda grass.  It is a low growing and rapid spreading turf. Its density, fine texture and soft blades make it an ideal Bermuda for residential use.   328 Tifgreen works well in homes with active children or pets since it is tolerant of wear, resists weeds, and delivers excellent impact-absorbing cushion.  This grass is an excellent combination of beauty, toughness and durability.

Not only is it a superior grass for Texas homes, it works well for commercial applications, sports fields and golf course tee boxes and greens.  328 Tif Bermuda will provide an extremely high quality turfgrass with little effort in maintenance. This low-growing turf results in a very dense cover.

Choosing 328 Tif Bermuda

328 tif Bermuda is excellent at tolerating wear and recovers quickly. Weeds are kept under control with the quickly growing turf when it’s properly maintained.  If weeds do occur, approved pesticides for weed control have little or no adverse effect on 328 Tif growth. With the exception of certain leaf feeding insects, 328 Tif demonstrates quick recovery from damage.  Insects can be easily controlled chemically with no harm to the grass and any insect damage is overcome with the quick recovery characteristics of this turf.

During Dallas/Ft. Worth summers, 328 Tif performs extremely well.  Tifgreen is both heat tolerant and drought tolerant and can withstand temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit easily.  This heat and drought tolerance is critical in states suffering from droughts like Texas. Tif 328 overseeds well in the fall.

While this grass is very resilient, it does require full sunlight most of the day and should not be used in shady areas.  All hybrid bermudas develop thatch build-up, and 328 Tif is no exception. You can eliminate excessive thatch build up by using proper cultural practices, a regular mowing schedule and occasional verti-cutting or scalping.  328 Tif also performs well in the saline soil conditions found in the coastal areas of Texas.

Caring For 328 Tif Bermuda

Taking care of 328 Tif Bermuda requires fairly low maintenance.  This turfgrass is highly resistant to poor-quality irrigation water and drought.  The grass can withstand weekly watering of just 1 to 2 inches approximately once a week during hot and dry conditions.  To promote a deep, durable root system, deep soaking water applications are preferable to short, frequent, and shallow applications.