Celebration Bermuda Sod

Celebration Bermuda sod is a beautiful, soft, grass, which provides a durable, drought-resistant option for home owners, commercial landscapes, parks, golf courses and sports fields.

  • Color: Blue-green
  • Texture: Dense and soft
  • Sun/Shade Tolerance: Extremely heat and sun tolerant and more shade tolerant than common Bermuda
  • Watering: Celebration has proven its ability to thrive in hot, humid conditions. It tolerates drought but needs water regularly (at least weekly) to remain green.
  • Mowing Height: ½”  – 1”


Choosing Celebration Bermuda Sod

Celebration Bermuda grass is an Australian breed turfgrass that delivers exceptional performance in a variety of applications.  Celebration Bermuda is used in sports fields, golf courses, commercial properties and homes.  Landscapers, golf course designers, sports turf managers, and homeowners find that this grass provides excellent wear and injury recovery as well as being resistant to insects and diseases. Celebration Bermuda requires less mowing than many bermuda varieties (30-50%) and has tough runners and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength and improved drought tolerance.

Celebration Bermuda’s rapid and horizontal growth allows it to perform very well under conditions of heat (over 100 degrees) and drought.  This grass is a good choice in areas affected by drought like the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Celebration Bermuda grass is the most shade tolerant commercially available turf grass and performs well in light to moderate shade.  This sod does well under cold conditions and is considered to be relatively hardy in colder conditions as is seen in North Texas.

While Celebration Bermuda is a good choice for many sports turfs, it is has been proven to be ideal for golf courses and is highly regarded for its divot recovery.  The USGA sponsored a University of Florida research study to evaluation Bermuda grasses for traffic tolerance and recuperative ability.  This study found, “While there may not be one grass that can do it all, installing Celebration in high traffic areas of the golf course can help the turf recover more quickly and provide golfers with a better all-around playing surface.”

Caring For Celebration Bermuda Sod

Since Celebration Bermuda requires less mowing and expands rapidly, it is easier to maintain than standard Bermuda grass.  Once the sod is established, the maintenance required is moderate watering, de-thatching and mowing.