Certified 419 TIF Bermuda 

Blue Sky Sod is proud to offer Certified 419 TIF Bermuda sod.
All certified 419 TIF Bermuda has been field inspected. All Foundation, Registered, and Certified seed has met the requirement for other varieties and/or off types and carries the official label.

Why Choose Certified Sod?

Although certified turfgrass is marginally more expensive than uncertified grasses, the benefits far outweigh the difference in cost. Buying certified turfgrass reassures customers that:

  • TX Dept of Agriculture representatives and turf certified professionals have regularly inspected the sod
  • There has been no turfgrass cross-contamination
  • Each roll or pallet of sod contains only the turfgrass variety purchased
  • The turfgrass is lush and health, with no brown patches or disease
  • The sod’s genetic history is easily traceable to quality grasses
  • The turfgrass contains no weeds or pests

Certified 419 Tif Bermuda sod is an extremely popular variety of Bermuda grass for sports fields, parks, and golf courses.  Its texture and resilience make it very popular for creating a “park like” environment at home.

  • Color: Dark green
  • Texture: Dense turf with a medium to fine
  • Sun/Shade Tolerance: 419 Tif Bermuda can withstand heavy traffic.  It prefers full sun and is drought resistant.
  • Watering: 419 Tif Bermuda tolerates drought but needs water regularly (at least weekly) to remain green.
  • Mowing Height: 1 – 2”   Bermuda requires initial mowing (after the danger of hard freezes has passed) to be lower than normal.  Once the lawn has greened, mowing can be done to 1 – 2” weekly mowing height.

Choosing Certified 419 Tif Bermuda Sod

Certified 419 Tif  Bermuda(Tifway) is a very dense and fine textured deep green hybrid Bermuda grass.  It is a low fast growing turf and spreads rapidly. Its density, fine texture and soft blades provide a soft cushion in which to walk and play.   It is a superior grass for Texas homes as well as athletic fields and golf course roughs, tee boxes, and fairways.  Certified419 Tif Bermuda will provide an extremely high quality turfgrass with very little effort in maintenance.

Certified419 Tifway Bermuda is excellent at tolerating wear, resisting weeds, and delivers excellent impact-absorbing cushion.  This grass is an excellent combination of beauty, toughness and durability.  This turf’s properties of establishing swiftly, growing rapidly, and recovering quickly from problems like insect damage are why it is rated as one of the most popular grasses for sports turfs.  This growth also helps it withstand heavy traffic while still maintaining a very fine, soft texture.  It’s ideal for homes with active children or pets.

During Dallas winter months, Certified419 Tif Bermuda is very resilient.  The grass becomes dormant when temperatures drop below 50F for a sustained period and turns a tan winter color.  Once the ground temperature reaches 65F in the spring, Certified419 Tif Bermuda greens up nicely.  This grass also has excellent fall color retention.

While this grass is very tough, it does require full sunlight most of the day and should not be used in shady areas. The Certified419 Tif Bermuda has excellent heat tolerance and is not as cold tolerant as other turf type bermudas.  This grass should be kept moist during sustained periods of extreme cold.    When the grass is fully established, it tolerates heat and drought and recovers quickly from any neglect or abuse. This heat and drought tolerance is critical in states suffering from droughts like Texas.

Caring For Certified 419 TIF Bermuda Sod

Taking care of 419 Tif Bermuda requires fairly low maintenance.  The grass requires ½ to 1 inch of water in a single application approximately once a week during hot and dry conditions.  To promote a deep, durable root system, deep soaking water applications are preferable to short, frequent, and shallow applications.